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Wolf Tooth Components

Supple Lite Bar Tape

Supple Lite Bar Tape

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Description |

Supple Lite Bar Tape is designed to provide comfort and grip for long days in the saddle on rough terrain. It is tacky, soft, and has a clean look when wrapped and finished. At 2.5mm thick and 40mm wide, it is half as thick and just as wide as Wolf Tooth's Supple Bar Tape. This makes for a slimmer option that has a distinctly different feel.  

Features |

 77g for two rolls
EVA foam compound with 3M adhesive backing strip
2.5mm thick | 40mm wide | 152cm long
EVA foam compound absorbs vibrations and conforms to your hands for greater comfort.
Soft, tacky texture keeps your hands from slipping in all weather conditions with or without gloves.
Easy to install. 3M adhesive backing keeps tape securely in place.
Thickness can be adjusted from 2.5mm to 5mm based on the amount of overlap.
Includes: bar plugs, polyurethane finishing tape, and brake clamp cover tape.
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