Kids Half Back Program

Here at Dismount, we strive to be the best bike shop for your family, and we understand that as your kids grow it’s tough to keep them on the right size bike. This is why we offer you a 2 year buy back program on all of our kids bikes.

We carry what we think are the best kids lines around - Rocky Mountain, Kona, Norco & Haro don't treat their youth lines like an after thought. These bikes are well thought out, with lightweight frames, kid friendly geometry and reliable parts, which is why we have the confidence to take those trade ins.

How It Works

When you buy any new kids bike from us, you have 2 years to trade it in for the next size up. When the time comes, bring the bike into our shop for a quick assessment and receive up to 50% back in store credit towards the next size up.

It's that simple! Let's keep your little one enjoying the ride on the right size bike.

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Kids Bike Size Guide

Unlike adult bikes, kids bikes are sized by wheel diameter - which can definitely feel confusing! But with a combination of both your child's height, inseam and age, you can narrow it down to the size that will be the best fit for hopefully a couple seasons to come.

If still unsure, bring your little one in to Dismount and we'll be happy to find the right fit to get them rolling!

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