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Terreno Dry Gravel Lite

Terreno Dry Gravel Lite

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Description |

The lightweight tire for dry gravel.

The Terreno Dry Lite spins up fast and rolls with durable aggression over everything from packed fire roads to loose gravel and dry turf. Though the terrain may be jarring, the gradual transition from the center strip to the shoulder knobs means that leaning into turns isn’t. No bump up or awkward transition, just cornering as smooth as the gravel allows.

The Terreno Dry’s tubeless construction lets you run it at lower PSI, muting chatter, taking the edge off bigger hits, and increasing puncture resistance..

Features |

Fish Scale Tread
A center strip tread that bridges the gap between file tread and low-profile knobs. The “scales” are ramped to reduce rolling resistance on straights but bite with secure, responsive traction when loaded for braking and cornering. Gradual depth increase to the shoulders eliminates any jarring bump while cornering.

120 TPI Nylon Casing
The highest thread count in our gravel line, which means it’s our most supple, lightest gravel casing. Nylon’s durable threads withstand the punishment of mixed-terrain cycling, and the relatively high thread count sheds rolling resistance and maintains the feel of the gravel while muting chatter.

Graphene 1C Compound
Rubber, infused with Graphene to minimize rolling resistance and resist punctures. Graphene effectively fills the gaps between rubber molecules, creating a reinforced structure that’s lighter, more efficient, and also more durable.

Specs |

ETRTO Colour Weight
650 x 47 47-584 Anthracite 550 g 
700 x 37 37-622 Anthracite 470 g
700 x 40 40-622 Anthracite 515 g
700 x 45 45-622 Anthracite 530 g
29 x 1.75 47-622 Anthracite 550 g
29 x 2.0 50-622 Anthracite 600 g
29 x 2.1  54-622 Anthracite 690 g



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