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8 Pack Rack 2.0

8 Pack Rack 2.0

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Description |

Most of you don’t need the cargo capacity to land a helicopter on your rack. Sometimes, all you want to do is grab a sixer from the beer store on the way home, or pick up a nice bouquet of flowers. For whatever the situation dictates, we offer the 8-Pack Rack. The 8-Pack Rack is a solid pedestal upon which you may rest a handlebar bag, grocery bag, minaudière, satchel…or whatever you use to carry your bowling ball around. The 8-Pack Rack attaches to most forks with mid-blade and crown eyelets*. It is constructed with Chromoly steel, uses stainless steel hardware, and has the characteristic durability, versatility, and repairability all Surly products are known for. The 8-Pack Rack has lots of barrel braze-ons, so you can customize your cargo tie-downs…or just bolt on as many lights as you can.

*Not compatible with Surly fat bike forks. Please review the instructions linked below to determine if this rack is compatible with your bike.

Specs |

Black or Silver
Weight Limit 13.6kg / 30lb
Finish ED Coating + Powdercoat
Rack Material Tubular 4130 Chromoly
Platform Dimension 270mm x 160mm
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