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Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar

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Description |

If there was one handlebar to use for life, the Stridsland Anchor Bar is the one. With its wide, steel construction and thoughtfully designed bends, it enhances stability, comfort, and playfulness across various bike types—be it retro MTB, modern MTB, ATB, gravel bike, hybrid, klunker, or bikepacking rig. Engineered to perfection, it’s the ideal upgrade from heavy motorcycle handlebars, providing a much-needed boost in performance without compromising on aesthetics or function.

Features |

  • Engineered to match headtube angles for optimal aesthetics and reach, ideally set at a 70° roll angle.
  • Generous width of 850mm enhances control and comfort.
  • 20° back sweep and 5° upsweep for a natural, ergonomic grip.
  • 75mm rise for an elevated, commanding ride position.
  • Constructed from robust 4130 cr-mo steel, post-weld heat treated for durability.
  • Approximately 750g, striking a balance between strength and weight.
  • Available in two finishes:
    • Black: ED coated with a thin, smooth layer of black paint.
    • Raw: Polished and clear powder coated, developing a natural patina over time.

Specs |

  • Width: 850mm
  • Clamp size: 22.2mm
  • Back sweep: 20°
  • Up sweep: 5°
  • Rise: 75mm
  • Weight: Approximately 750g
  • Material: 4130 cr-mo, post-weld heat treated

Compatibility |

  • Ideal for BMX stems, particularly with a 50mm length.
  • Handlebar shims available for various stem sizes:
    • 31.8mm shim for oversized stems.
    • 25.4mm shim for older MTB and some road stems.
  • Recommended stem face plate with at least 2 bolts, preferably 4 or more for added security.
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