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Snow Peak

GigaPower Windscreen

GigaPower Windscreen

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Description |

An essential backpacking accessory, the stainless steel GigaPower Windscreen is designed to maximize GigaPower Stove output. The GigaPower Windscreen directs heat towards the cookset and protects the flame from the elements, quickening boil time for easier outdoor cooking. Pair the GigaPower Windscreen with the GigaPower Stove Auto or Manual and Trek 700 Titanium for an efficient backcountry cook set.

Features |

  • Shields Burner From Wind
  • Reduce Fuel Used by Concentration of Heat

Specs |

SKU GP-008
Weight 2.0 oz (57.5 g)
Size D 4.5" H 0.6"
Use With GigaPower Stove Manual Renewed
GigaPower Stove 2.0 - Auto
Material Stainless Steel

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