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To Smile Bar

To Smile Bar

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Description |

Grin from Ear to Ear – The 'To Smile' Bar is Back!

Go Further. That's the spirit behind the 'To Smile' Bar, crafted for cyclists who crave adventure and love to explore beyond the usual routes. A beloved classic from SimWorks has returned, now better than ever!

This unique handlebar features a gently curved drop shape, echoing the original design. Perfectly engineered for those who often ride in the lower grip position, 'To Smile' is built with the modern gravel and all-terrain rider in mind. We've updated the details: the center clamp now measures 31.8mm, ensuring compatibility with modern stems and offering more stability on rough terrain.

The flared drop shape gives you superior control on dirt descents, while the ramps and top of the bar provide plenty of comfortable hand positions. Plus, the extended clamp area makes it easy to mount your gadgets, accommodating all the latest cycling accessories effortlessly.

Specs |

Material Heat Treated Aluminum
Width 560mm (center to center at Bar ends)
Center diam. 31.8mm
Bar diam. 24mm
Reach 87mm
Drop 132mm
Flare 58°
Color Silver, Black
Accessory SIMWORKS All-star Decal Kit 2
Made in NITTO Japan
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