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Sim Works

Stainless Outer Cable for Shift

Stainless Outer Cable for Shift

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Description |

Sim Works by Nissen has upgraded their cable coil to feature stainless steel, replacing the typical iron for enhanced rust resistance and durability, finished in a range of technicolor coatings. Its narrower width allows for more elegant routing curves.

The housing includes a polyethylene inner liner, significantly lightening the shift action. With a 4mm outer diameter, it accommodates a 1.2mm inner wire. The 3m length is sufficient for most bikes with traditional mechanical front and rear derailleur mechanisms.

Specs |

  • Length: 3m
  • Accessory: 4 resin-made outer caps

Note: This stainless outer cable for shifting differs from the "SIS style" conduit type. The coil form offers flexibility, whereas the conduit type has less stroke loss. Riders with 11 or 12-speed systems may experience adjustment difficulties, but for 7-10 speed systems or friction shift setups, this is ideal.

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