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Sim Works

Mowmow CrMo Bar

Mowmow CrMo Bar

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Description │

When Sim Works imagined the coolest riser bar, they designed the Mowow. As light and durable as they could make, this is a bar that will never be bent and broken, and also has a slick, thinner look. We think that this bar will fit any kind of on-off bicycles.

Mowmow bar was produced out of the pure thoughts and imagination of the folks at Sim Works. Of course made by NITTO. Bar center : 25.4mm / Rise : 38mm / Backsweep 9° / Whole length : 700mm. It is kind of short compared to recent bars, but it will fit absolutely almost all of our body types unless you were a giant. Its rigidity proves the best durability. 

Specs |

Width 700mm
Center diam. 25.4mm
Bar diam. 22.2mm
Rise 38mm
Sweep 9°(Back)
Colour Silver Dullbright / Chrom

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