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Billy Bonkers

Billy Bonkers

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Description |

Schwalbe's new tire for pump track, dirt jump & slope style.

This tirenot only rolls extremely easily, it also ensures fun loving and agile riding. If tricks and jumps get messed up, Billy Bonkers remains good natured, forgiving even egregious mistakes.

Features |

  • Maximal micro teeth for grip on dusty and sandy ground.
  • Closely positioned blocks multiply the grippy edges.
  • Small ramps increase the speed of the tire. The result: More Airtime!

Specs |

26 x 2.10"
Type Wire Bead
Compund SBC
Version K-Guard
Colour Bronze Sidewall
Seal Tube
Weight 620g
Pressure 30-80psi
Maximum Load 100 kg
EPI 50
SKU 11159348
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