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Road Togs

Road Togs

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Description |

Patented thumb grips for road and gravel bikes. Road Togs increase control, comfort and sprinting in the drops. Great for distance riding & racing. Solves many hand and wrist issues. Your Secret Weapon. Sold as a pair.

Features |

  • Increases bar control & comfort
  • Tames techy descents & rough terrain
  • Eliminates gripping force and slippage
  • Sprinting leverage for fast finishes

Specs |

  • 40% Carbon Togs w/ Stainless Steel rings & bolts
  • Fits all drop bars, standard 23.8mm dia.
  • 18 g per set
  • Dimensions 30mm x 15mm x 9mm
  • T8 Torx wrench + spare Torx screw included
  • Made in the USA
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