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Road Runner Bags

Buoy Bag

Buoy Bag

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Description |

The Buoy Bag bag was designed to work on any large "anything" cages. Attach your cages to the fork, and the Buoy bag is now a set of micro panniers suitable for all types of riding. Attach those large cages to the traditional bottle cage mounts and use these bags in the triangle of your frame. No space? No problem! Get creative and seek out hose clamps; They are a quick and simple way to mount large cages to open areas of your frame. Stuff them full with camp gear: sleeping pad, clothes, cooking utensils, or tent, to name a few.

Specs |

Height 20" (unrolled), 13" (rolled to the top of the mollee type Chain) 
Diameter 6"
Liters 7.75L
Weight 4.5oz
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