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Mag Tank 2000 Bolt-On

Mag Tank 2000 Bolt-On

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Description |

The Mag-Tank™ 2000 Bolt-On utilizes the same proven, zipper-free magnetic access of the Mag-Tank™ but boasts 50% greater capacity and attaches via top tube bolt bosses.

Named after its calorie holding capacity, the Mag-Tank™ 2000 has a tapered wedge shape that gives it impressive volume while still offering a lean profile at its base. A locking cam provides a secure front attachment and utilizes an adjustable daisy chain to allow clearance for stems. The bag's closed cell foam padded base and stiffened side panels provide protection and structure for food and electronics with the ease of fast, one handed access. 

The Mag Tank 2000 excels at fast on-the-go access to calories and resupplies. New for Spring 2024 is a TPU liner built from the same material as hydration bladders. The liner is easily detachable with velcro for post ride cleaning. No more sticky food messes after your long rides – just pure convenience and functionality.

Please note: While the cover to this bag is designed to shed rain and spray, due to the large panel opening it is not a fully sealed bag or waterproof bag. Additionally, while the closure is secure there is the possibility that small objects can come out of the bag from rough trails or lying the bike on its side. A key clip is integrated into the bag but we recommend keeping your gummy bears in a ziplock.

Features |

  • Single handed access with effortless magnetic closure
  • Two sets of mounting holes on bag bottom to allow bolt-on attachment to top tube
    • First set of mounting holes spaced 76 mm (+/- 2 mm) from front of bag
    • Second set of mounting holes spaced 100 mm (+/- 2 mm) from front of bag
    • Distance between mounting holes is 64 mm (standard water bottle cage spacing)
  • Velcro secured, padded bag bottom conceals mounting bolts 
  • Side panels stiffened with HDPE plastic sheets
  • Interior lined with yellow fabric for greater visibility

Fit |

4.5" / 114mm
Length 9.5" / 241mm
Width 4.5" / 114mm at stem; tapers to 1.5" / 38mm at rear

Specs |

With TPU Liner: 6.2 ounces / 176 grams
Without TPU Liner: 5.2 ounces / 147 grams
Volume 85 in³ / 1.4 L
Materials Dimension Polyant VX-21 with abrasion resistant finish & 42 X-Pac; 420 denier yellow and red lining; closed cell foam padded tube sections. HDPE sheets. Nickel plated grommets. Imported.
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