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Love Lever

Love Lever

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Description |

The Love Lever is a lightweight long-pull brake lever designed for comfortable two-finger (Compact) or three-finger (2.5) operation. Dual sealed-cartridge bearings provide maximum power and rigidity with zero slop, while the reach adjustment screw and oversized barrel adjuster allow you to easily dial in ergonomics. Machined to the highest tolerances in Chico California.

These levers are compatible with all long-pull cable operated brakes. Paul recommend them for use with their Motolite brakes, but they will work well paired with any v-brake, long-pull mechanical disc brake, (like the Paul Klamper), or any other long pull brake. 

Love Levers are machined in-house to extremely high tolerances (0.0002″). The pivot features dual sealed cartridge bearings for the smoothest, stiffest brake lever you will ever use. Like all Paul components, these will be serviceable for a lifetime.

A 5mm set screw in the side of the lever perch allows you to adjust the reach, setting the distance from the bar to the lever to fit your hands.

Barrel adjusters are included for fine-tuning your brakes, and their oversized design and smooth shape makes it easy to adjust them by hand, even wearing thick winter gloves.

Love Levers are one of Paul's perennial best sellers, and we believe you’ll love the action and the ergonomics of these beauties.

Please note: We sell all Love Levers in pairs at Dismount ☮︎

Specs |

6061 Aluminum
Weight Compact: 125g, 2.5: 137g
Finish Anodized or Polished
Cable Pull Long Pull
Clamp Diameter 22.2
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