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Outbound Lighting

Curved Helmet Mount Base

Curved Helmet Mount Base

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Extra curved helmet mount for the Hangover Helmet Light. Pretty simple. Makes for mounting lights to your helmet easy. This fits most helmets, but here is a list of "confirmed" helmets that it fits:

100% Aircraft
100% Aircraft 2
100% Atlis
100% Atlis Gravel
100% Trajecta
7IDP Project 23
Bell 4Forty Air MIPS
Bell Avenue
Bell Full-9
Bell Sanction
Bell Spark 2 MIPS
Bell Super 3R
Bell Trace
Bell Transfer
Bell XR Spherical
Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter
Fly Rayce
Fly Werx-R
Fox Mainframe
Fox Speedframe
Fox V2
Fox V3
Giro Agilis MIPS
Giro Disciple
Giro Insurgent Spherical
Giro Manifest Spherical
Giro Merit Spherical
Giro Tyrant
iXS Trigger FF
Kali Alpine
Kali Chakra
Kali Prime
Kali Zoka
Kask Icon
Kask Rex
Lazer Chiru MIPS
Lazer Jackal Kineticore
Lazer Vento Kineticore
Leatt MTB AllMtn 3.0 V22
Leatt MTB AllMtn 4.0 V22
Leatt MTB Enduro 4.0 V22
Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 V22
Leatt MTB Trail 1.0 V22
Leatt MTB Trail 2.0 V22
Leatt MTB Trail 3.0 V22
POC Coron
POC Otocon
POC Tectal
Smith Express MIPS
Smith Forefront 2
Smith Mainline
Smith Session
Specialized Airnet
Specialized Ambush
Specialized Ambush 2
Specialized Camber
Specialized Dissident
Specialized Evade 3
Specialized Gambit
Specialized Tactic
Troy Lee Designs A2
Troy Lee Designs A3
Troy Lee Designs D3
Troy Lee Designs Stage
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