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Old Man Mountain

Ponderosa Panniers

Ponderosa Panniers

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Description |

Where are you going? Absolutely anywhere with the Ponderosa Panniers. These bikepacking panniers are ready for everything. Sunshine or rain, your gear will stay dry and protected in these 100% waterproof, TPU fabric panniers with welded seams and Hypalon reinforcements.

We’ve secured them to the rack with camming velcro straps at the top and use the lower compression strap to loop through the rack and guarantee that your bags don’t turn into dumbo ears when you hit a bump, no matter how rough.

We’ve made all of the compression straps replaceable so next time you spill some salsa on your bag and Mr. Mouse nibbles through one you can just swap it out, nice and easy.

The Ponderosa Panniers have the typical frame sheet in the back (against the rack), but we’ve also added a removable frame sheet on the frontside of the bag so it compresses evenly to give you the slimmest profile bag possible with what you choose to carry.

Our branding is super subtle so you can focus on your adventure and not our logos. It’s embossed into loop velcro so you can attach any patch with ease and swap it out as your mood suits you.

Sold as a pair.

Features |

100% Waterproof
Made from TPU fabric with Hypalon reinforcements, fully welded seams, and a roll top enclosure. You can be fully confident that your gear will remain dry and protected, even if you don’t quite make that stream crossing.

13 Liter Capacity
Not all trip segments have resupply options. When you need room for some extra food and water the Ponderosa Pannier’s 13L capacity will be ready. The 13L capacity is measured while still rolling the closure three times.

Outer Framesheet
To provide even compression OMM added an outer framesheet to the bag. This allows the 13L bag to evenly and securely slim down to clean and narrow package when needed. The sheet is also removable to use as a cutting or charcuterie board.

No Floppy Bags Here!
The lower compression strap design comes from the back of the bag, loops through the rack, and hooks to the front. This allows it to double as the attachment and compression strap.

Replaceable Straps
All compressions straps are removable and replaceable. Prefer to compress the pannier like a dry bag? A mouse chew through one? No worries, OMM has got you covered.

Silence is Precious
We head out into wilderness to escape noise. OMM made sure that all contact points between the Ponderosa Pannier and rack are silent, secure, and strong. No more rattling, and clanging bags.

Specs |

  • 13 Liter capacity per bag
  • Fully welded and waterproof construction
  • Dual framesheets; front and back of the bag.
    • They provide more even compression and the front framesheet is removable. You can even use it as a charcuterie board! 😉
  • Roll top enclosure that can be secured down to the side or to itself at the top to form a carry handle
  • Removable and replaceable straps
  • Minimal branding on velcro patches
  • Lower attachment/compression strap remains under load to prevent bags from flapping around
  • HypalonⓇ reinforcements at all attachment points are more abrasion resistant and provide extra grip where needed.
  • Clip light slots on the back.
  • Great fitment on all racks designed for panniers. Perfect fitment for OMM pannier racks
  • Minimalist weight = 475g (each), 950 grams per pair. Without side compression straps, front framesheet, or side roll top clips.
  • Full Featured weight = 560g (each), 1120 grams per pair
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