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Old Man Mountain

Axle Pack

Axle Pack

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Description |

Old Man Mountain Axle Pack is unlike any fork mount adapter you’ve seen. Rather than trying to clamp to round or tapered surfaces and just hope it doesn’t slip or spin, Axle Pack is, you guessed it: Thru Axle mounted! Attaching to the axle makes it impossible to slip or spin.

Axle Pack is lightweight, reliable, robust, and rigid. With four mounting points you can also choose to run your gear higher or lower depending on your needs.

Mounted to one of Old Man Mountain's Fit Kits, Axle pack is also easily swappable with any of their racks so you can pack the right gear for the ride.

Have a carbon road bike? Perfect! Suspension fork? Perfect! Aluminum bike but you don’t trust the rivnuts? We’ve got it! Long story short, if you have a thru axle fork, Old Man Mountain have an Axle Pack ready for you.

Axle Pack is designed to be mounted to Old Man Mountain Thru Axle Fit Kits.

Features |

3-Pack Mounts
Set it up to suit your needs. With 3-pack mounts on the uprights you can carry bottles, fuel, stuff sacks, dry bags, bolt-on bags, and more.

Carry up to 22lbs!
Axle Pack is ready to confidently carry up to 22lbs/10kg, whether you’re on smooth pavement, a rugged rock garden, or with your tires off the ground.

Fits Any Fork
Axle Pack mounts to Fit Kit thru axle, securely carrying the weight. Compatible with nearly any bike; road, gravel, full-suspension, or fat bike.

No Spin Zone
Unlike clamp style mounts, Axle pack cannot spin or slip because it is firmly secured to the axle.

No Eyelets Needed
With a thru axle mount at the bottom and our mounting pucks at the top there are no eyelets needed to mount Axle Pack.

Light as a Feather
Granted, a pretty big feather, but at just 73g per side the Axle Pack is lighter than most clamp style mounting options.

Specs |

  • Fits any fork using Old Man Mountain thru axle Fit Kits.
  • Made from 6061 aluminum, Axle Pack is lightweight, stiff, and strong.
  • A svelte 73g per side.
  • It securely mounts to OMM axle studs.
  • Cannot slide down or rotate around the fork legs.
  • It can carry a lot more than a fork that has 3-pack mounts.
    • Most bike’s mounts are rated to just 1.5kg each! Add to that low weight limit, the possibility of an impact to the bags on a tree or rock and you have a fair chance of ripping the eyelets out of your fork, especially a carbon fork.
  • Axle Pack is rated to 10kg per pair!
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Lifetime warranty!
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