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Mars JFF

Mars JFF

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Description |

Sometimes you veer slightly off course and end up in a place like MARS.  If you are running our rider-designed, ATB performance tuned rubber, you'll not only be styling for the NASA livestream, but you'll also be in for a great ride.  MARsala also happens to be a rich and nutty fortified wine from Sicily.  If these tires sell Patz and Ron will be both rich and nutty.

Details |

  • JFF means Just For Fun, but not ONLY for fun- these tires are equally equipped for long days locked in the pain dungeon as they are for a Sunday tour of Portland's vegan doughnut shoppes.

  • JFF is our most accessible offering; think of it as the industry standard in terms of casing and rubber spec.  This is approachable luxury- the cubic zirconia of our catalogue.

  • JFF more durable casing than our RACE offerings.  Fixing flats, while character building, has never been fun

  • Continuous ramped center delta for a fast roll when propelled, and confident braking traction when modulated

  • Side knobs won't let you down, or let you fall down in loose, dry corners

  • Wide knob spacing sheds mud and makes artistic patterns in the space dust

  • Did you know the triangle is the strongest shape in this dimension?

  • Tread rubber extended down sidewall for added protection without sacrificing the premium ride quality of our flexible casings

  • 27.5 pairs as a front with our ROSé or CAVA 650b in the rear for a fast and fun slackened ATB rat-rover

  • Special edition MARS dirt infused compound for 26" release

  • Tubeless compatible for a rover mimicking psi of 20-30psi

  • Tires packaged and sold individually

  • 27.5" x 2.2?? and 26" x 2.2??

  • 620g and 610g

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