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Chair Zero High-Back

Chair Zero High-Back

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Description |

At 1 lb 8 oz, the Chair Zero High-Back has unrivaled comfort per oz. Lightweight packability makes it comfortable to carry and a new essential to backpacking and any adventure.

With the introduction of the original Chair One back in 2012, Helinox is proud to say they created the category of lightweight, portable furniture. And that’s what they continue to make today: products that stem from a knowledge of materials, next-generation construction and advanced manufacturing. Every design reflects durability, packability, lightness and a modern aesthetic.

Made from DAC’s proprietary aluminum alloy, Helinox products offer maximum strength with minimum weight. Hubs and joining components custom designed in-house are moulded from high strength nylon. This provides a solid and secure connection for sturdy comfort and easy assembly.

Furniture should be built to travel, so Helinox designed theirs to be portable, durable and beautiful as well as comfortable. This means you can relax when you’re backpacking deep in the woods, sitting on an urban rooftop, lounging at the beach, car camping, or simply hanging out in the backyard. So lightweight and compact, you’ll want to bring your own chair to any adventure or gathering.

Specs |

Assembled Packed
Height 32.5 in / 82 cm 5 in / 12 cm
Width 19.5 in / 49 cm 5 in / 12 cm
Length 21.5 in / 54.5 cm 16 in / 40 cm
Weight 1 lb 8 oz / 690 g 1 lb 8 oz / 690 g
Capacity 265 lbs / 120 kg
Warranty 5 years
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