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Handlebar Foam Spacer Kit
Handlebar Foam Spacer Kit

Handlebar Foam Spacer Kit


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The Handlebar Bag Foam Spacer Kit bumps a bag 1.5″ forward of your handlebars, allowing for excellent access to all your favorite resting positions on  your ride. 

With this Spacer Kit, you don’t have to forfeit access to the flats of your handlebars when you run a handlebar bag. What’s more, the Foam Spacer Kit can extend the life of your bag by eliminating abrasion from the bolts on most stems.

Our Spacer Kit features two 9″ Voile Nano-Straps. We chose these amazing polyurethane straps because they grip the handlebars and keep your bag in place. You can adjust the distance between your handlebar bag and your bars by adding to the stack of foam blocks. Each kit includes 6, 1/2″ thick high-density foam spacers.

Cool Features:

6 individual spacer blocks allow you to choose the optimal space for your hands

Voile Straps grip the handlebars and prevent the bag from slipping