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Karoo 2

Karoo 2

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Description |

Karoo 2 is designed to put your cycling experience first. Powerful features on this GPS bike computer make it simple for cyclists to do structured workouts, follow routes, connect to Strava and other third parties, and get the most out of every ride.

Screen |

Dragontrail™ Glass panel with Acid Etched matte finish

Dragontrail™ Glass is beautiful and highly scratch resistant. Treated to create a resilient anti glare matte finish to ensure the screen is visible in all light conditions.

High resolution 3.2” display panel with 16.7 million colors supported

292 PPI pixel density, 480x800 portrait resolution, and 16.7 million color support enable Karoo 2 to render high-quality visuals and clear detailed maps that you can read at a glance.

Responsive touchscreen, with droplet rejection

A smartphone-quality capacitive touchscreen filters out false inputs from rain and mud. A double button tap locks the screen if needed.

Fully controllable with buttons

The Karoo 2 can be entirely controlled by buttons for when adventure carries you into harsh conditions.

Body |

Karoo 2 has a screen that is large enough to easily see at a glance, high power processors and sensors, and is packed into a compact form factor that is small enough to race.
  • Width: 60.8mm
  • Height: 100.6mm
  • Length: 19.3mm
  • Karoo 2 weight: 131 grams
  • Hammerhead Mount weight: 36 grams
  • System weight: 167 grams
Glass-filled polycarbonate chassis

The glass-filled polycarbonate chassis is both light and strong, ensuring Karoo 2 can withstand the rigors or any adventure.


Karoo 2 features four high grip buttons with intuitive function-mapping for seamless operation even with sweaty mid-ride hands or gloves. Karoo 2 is entirely navigable using either the buttons or the touchscreen.

Overmolded shock-reducing bumper

Karoo 2 is designed to look elegant but be robust.

Waterproof SIM card cover

You can add or remove a SIM card easily with a removable cover that protects from water ingress.

Water and dust proof to IP67 rating

IP67-rated dust and water ingress protection ensures your Karoo 2 will work in all riding conditions.

Battery |

2500 mAh high capacity battery

Our high capacity battery balances, size, weight, and performance.

12 hours of ride time

Twelve hours ride time in normal conditions with our medium battery drain recommended configuration. (Navigating a route, displaying data, logging 4 sensors, day-light screen setting)

USB-C with fast charging

Fast charging gets Karoo 2 from 0% - 30% in 30 minutes, and fully charged in under 3 hours.

Waterproof USB-C port

Waterproof USB-C is resilient in all conditions as long as it is thoroughly dry before charging.

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