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Godfather's Garage

E-Bike Lube

E-Bike Lube

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Description |

E-bikes can be incredibly demanding on their drivetrains, which is why Godfather's Garage created a dedicated chain lubricant just for them. High torque, long rides, and often running at a higher cadence that a traditional mountain bike, they knew they needed something special. The Godfather’s Garage E-Bike lubricant coats the chain to help keep things running smoothly through those power moves, sustained climbs, and “one more lap” moments.

Features |

  • The most viscous chain lube meant to penetrate and protect your chain against the demands of both e-bike drive systems and harsh riding environments
  • Highest tenacity of any of our chain lubes
  • Designed for high torque e-bike systems
  • Great protection against the contaminants in all weather conditions
  • Made in Canada, tested on Vancouver’s North Shore
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