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M's SM Pro

M's SM Pro

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Description |

The choice of the marathon pros

The saddle of the marathon pros combines maximum power, comfort and freedom of movement, directing the pressure precisely onto the pedal. The optimized relief channel in the sensitive perineal area, OrthoCell® inlays, AirCell® padding and special gliding flanks for quick changes of position also inspire world-class bikers.

Features |

Eliminating unwanted pressures
The progressive relief channel, which deepens towards the rear, leads to an opening through the saddle shell. This construction combines all of the advantages of a cut-out saddle without the potential disadvantages. This design gives the saddle shell more forgiveness as well as specifically relieves perineal pressures. Too much pressure in this area often leads to discomfort and numbness in the genital area.

Even better than gel
With the SM Pro Men, the new OrthoCell® material helps you to achieve your best performance without any complaints. These inlays, which are more durable and lighter than gel, ensure the best pressure distribution and provide the highest rebound force. This means they follow the movements of the pelvis with every turn of the crank, but return to their starting position very quickly.

Comfortable and durable
The padding of the SM Sport Men is made of orthopedic foam, which is especially ergonomic for mountain biking, but still extremely durable.

Best mobility downhill
The narrow, flat rear with a flat contour and minimal ramp gives you excellent freedom of movement for dynamic positioning while mountain biking.

Less friction more movement
For an additional benefit of comfort, we have added anti-friction side flanks to the SM Comp Men. This feature reduces the friction of your thighs on the saddle while pedaling resulting in less friction and more freedom of movement.

Removable Topeak QuickClick saddle bag mount
A Topeak QuickClick mount is integrated in all models of the SM Men Series. This removable QuickClick mount allows or Topeak saddlebags to be easily attached in a streamline fashion.

Specs |

Name SM Pro Men
Dimensions Length: 269 mm
Width: 144 mm
Use All-Mountain/Trail, Cross-Country/Marathon, MTB-Touring
Weight 235g
Size S/M, M/L
Colour Stealth
Shell Nylon Composite
Rail TiNox
Cover Microfibre
Padding Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell® Pads
Gender Men Specific
Max Load 220 lbs.
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