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ENE 11s Road and 10s Dynasys Downtube Shifters

ENE 11s Road and 10s Dynasys Downtube Shifters

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Description |

These are so much more than 11 speed downtube shifters. With over 50mm of total cable pull, these shifters will work with just about any derailleur. Velo Orange tested them on Shimano 11 speed road, Shimano 10 speed mountain (Dynasys) and Sensah SRX

Features |

  • Designed for 11 speed, but will work with fewer speeds
  • Better option for 10 speed drivetrains than other Dia-compe levers
  • Friction (non-indexed), micro ratchet design
  • Right barrel is larger than the left for more cable pull
  • Not compatible with bar end or "thumbie" mounts because of the oversized barrel
  • To calculate the amount of total cable pull your drivetrain requires use the following formula:

    total cable pull = cable pull of intended shifter * (s - 1), where s is the number of speeds of your cassette. If the total is less than 50mm, these shifters should work.

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