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Soft Palm Bar Tape

Soft Palm Bar Tape

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Description |

The Soft Palm bar tape offers up a bit of cushion in a minimalistic package. It is a nice option for those of you who's 5 year plan doesn't include grinding the bones in your wrists into a fine power (it's a good plan though, I know it'll pay off).

Features some vent holes to keep it from getting too soggy and stagnant under your palms. Comes with two bar plugz and some finishing tape. At 3 meters a roll and 3cm wide, its long enough to wrap a Towel Rack or whatever other big ass bar you may be running and then some.

Sold per Bag, each bag contains two rolls.

Specs |

Colour Black
3000mm per roll
Tape Width
Backing 1.5mm of foam with adhesive for easy wrapping.
Weight (Per Roll) 48g
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