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Scapegoat "Scapebot"

Scapegoat "Scapebot"

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Description |

We're beyond stoked to now have Crust framesets available at Dismount.  Looking for a specific Crust frameset, colour or size? Want to talk builds? Contact us! We've brought in a variety of the Scapegoat "Scapebot" to start, but are happy to help make your Crust dreams reality!

The Scapegoat or ScapeBot is a non-suspension corrected rigid mountain/ touring bike thats got every mount and braze-on you'd ever need to ride from Alaska to Peru or conquer the Continental Divide. If you're not the touring type or maybe you're just looking for something to get loose on, the Goat has internal dropper routing and the geometry to get you free-riding the mountain with the best of them. Imagine what a legend you'll look like plowing though rock gardens, sand dunes, and over small commuter cars on your 27.5x3.8" tires.

Features |

Steeper head angle for easier front loaded steering 
Slightly shorter stack and reach
Longer seat tube c2c for a larger main triangle 
Slightly longer rear end to accommodate 29x3!
A nice high bottom bracket...Never yee shall strike a pedal again. Especially if you go 29x3. 
All the tubing is the same beefy stuff to withstand a nuclear blast and all 4000 rack and bottle bosses are still there including the 31.6 internal dropper porthole. 
Takes a mountain crank. You could go 1x with a maximum 34 tooth chainring or if you're going Fat it's recommended to run it single speed or with an internally geared hub.
The ScapeBot is based around 27.5+ with your max tire size being ~3.8", but can be set up 26"+ with clearance up to a 3.8" tire Front and Rear. You can also set it up 29" with a 3" tire max. You may remember the Small Scapegoat used to be 26+ specific, which interfered with larger wheel tire clearances, but is now just the same as all the rest. We still really recommend setting the Smaller size up 26+ to avoid toe overlap, but you can obviously do whatever you want.
The Scapegoat has Boost Spacing front and rear. 15x110 front and 12x148 rear.
The Rocker Dropouts make it easy to set the Goat up Single Speed or with a Rohloff or some other internally geared boost hub. If you're looking for a dedicated boost SS hub the Paul Word Boost hub is a good choice.
The Scapegoat does not have a split to route a belt through for belt drive. You can run a Split Belt but its up to you to figure all of that out.
Front brake is I.S. Mount and takes an adaptor to fit a caliper. The Rear brake is I.S. (Post Mount) as well, but you can bolt a caliper straight to the Rocker Dropout and clear a 160mm rotor. If you're struggling to find a brake setup, the Crust Palm Oil Brake Kit will help solve that problem.
Max Rotor Size: 203mm Front | 180mm Rear
Front and rear thru axles are included.
ED Coated to help protect it from the elements and inhibit internal corrosion. This doesn't mean you're free to ride it into the ocean though.
Headset not included.


Specs |

Handmade in Taiwan using Heat Treated Chromoly | Tig Welded
Colours Macintosh Tan (P453) or Purple/ Pink
Sizes Small 56cm | Medium 59cm | Large 62cm | Extra Large 65cm
Head Tube Diameter 1 1/8" (Threadless Steerer)
Bottom Bracket 73mm English (BSA) Threaded
Steerer Tube Length 350mm
Axle to Crown 432mm
Fork Spacing  15x110mm
Rear End Spacing 12x148mm
Front Axle Thread Pitch & Length 1.5x135mm
Rear Axle Thread Pitch & Length 1.5x173mm
Seat Post Diameter 31.6mm
Seat Post Clamp Diameter 35.0mm
Weight (Large Frame- 3.17kg or 7lbs | Fork- 1.35kg or 3lbs
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