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OSX 35

OSX 35

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Description |

Chromag's initial success stemmed from their creation and manufacturing of cutting-edge handlebars. By 2005, they were considered the forefront handlebar supplier, offering some of the most expansive and durable bars in the industry. The OSX 35 is based on the original OSX model, but with a 35mm clamp size.

Features |

7050 Series Aluminum
Aerospace grade aluminum is utilized to meet the necessary criteria for strength and durability, with additional protection against stress and corrosion.

Advanced HTX Heat Treatment
Heat treatment gets thrown around a lot, but most of the time the word consistency doesn’t come along with it. Depending on the batch an individual bar might be subjected to vastly different temperatures during the process. HTX ditches the disparity and provides uniform, quality heat treatment on every single bar.

Refined Geometry
The OSX has been designed with increased tapered sections and a larger radius, resulting in a stronger overall shape. 

Variable Butting
Varying the wall thickness of the bar allows us to add strength where it’s needed, and keep the weight down in less strategic areas. The OSX has 7 different butting locations.

Specs |

Custom drawn 7000 series alloy
Width 800mm (31.5”)
Clamp Size 35mm
Rise 25mm (1”) and 35mm (1.4")
Weight 312g


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