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Carbon Pro MTB Togs

Carbon Pro MTB Togs

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Description |

An upgrade to the best-selling Flex MTB Togs, the Carbon Pro MTB Togs add component quality 40% carbon and Versaflex tips for rock solid performance & durability. Slide-on model (remove grips).

Carbon Pro MTB Togs provide a better grip to the top of the bars. Add superior control, comfort and climbing leverage to improve your ride and increase endurance performance. A true second hand position on your bars. Solves many hand & wrist issues.

Features |

  • 40% Carbon Togs with Versaflex™ tips
  • 17° Tog rotation for ergonomics
  • Raised hood works with all bars & grips
  • Cinches tighter than Flex MTB
  • 19 grams per set. Includes wrench + spare nut
  • Made in the USA



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