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Cane Creek

eeSilk Stem

eeSilk Stem

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Description |

eeSilk Stem is a fatigue-reducing compliance stem that noticeably reduces vibrations on variable surfaces. With up to 20mm of tunable compliance, an easy single bolt external elastomer change and a soft/firm compliance switch – the eeSilk Stem makes any road, no matter the terrain, smoother.

For riders seeking the full compliance package, the elastomer damped eeSilk stem and eeSilk seatposts were designed to work in harmony. The eeSilk stem and eeSilk seatposts create a balance that enables riders to maximize performance while extending their ride.

Features |

  • Up to 20mm of shoulder and wrist-saving compliance
  • On the fly adjustment with the compliance switch
  • Soften or stiffen your ride with a single bolt elastomer change

Specs |

Compliance Up to 20mm
Weight 225g-235g
Elastomers 80mm: Medium Installed, Soft & Medium/Firm Included
90mm: Medium Installed, Soft & Medium/Firm Included
100mm: Firm Installed, Medium/Firm, Extra Firm Included
Angle -6 degrees (only)
Stack Height 49mm
Stem Clamp 31.8
Part Number BAJ0069 – 80mm
BAJ0070 – 90mm
BAJ0071 – 100mm
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