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Cambium C67 All Weather

Cambium C67 All Weather

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All rides. All roads. All weathers.

The widest Brooks Cambium for upright urban cycling. The Cambium C67 is designed with the commuter, urban cyclist and casual tourer in mind—a perfect saddle when cycling in all weathers in the upright riding position. A comfortable bike seat made from vulcanised natural rubber, the C67 moves with you for long-lasting comfort requiring no break-in period. Offering stability thanks to the wider rear part of the saddle, the curved shape and the flexibility of the rubber base, this saddle offers maximum control during acceleration (as with the E-bike) and to prevent backward sliding during the ride, while the fan structure in fibreglass nylon adds resistance against stress and vibrations. A rubber grip on the internal back plate guarantee a solid and stable grip. Durable and waterproof, the C67 utilises a nylon top for weather and abrasion resistance, making it the best bicycle saddle for E-bike, cargo bike and Dutch-style bikes.

  • Naturally Flexible Rubber
    Our Cambium saddles are made from flexible natural rubber, harvested from trees.
  • All-surface absorption
    Designed to absorb shocks and smooth out the ride.
  • Continuously comfortable
    Provides natural comfort for the duration of the ride in all conditions, over all terrain, performing consistently over time and through constant use.
  • Greater stability
    Fan structure for broader support, Unique wave shape increases ride stability.
  • Moves with you
    Rubber is a natural substance that reacts to and follows the rider's movements.
  • Stress resistant
    Weatherproof with UV & abrasion resistance, Exceptional weight balance support.
  • Lasting Upright Comfort
    Naturally flexible wider rubber base.



  • Vulcanised Natural Rubber Saddle Top
  • Flexible and Robust Touring Surface
  • UV + Abrasion-Resistant Waterproof Nylon Top
  • Innovative Fan structure in Fibreglass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Nose-piece and Saddle Plate in Fibreglass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Rubber grip on the saddle plate
  • Metal Back Plate branding detail
  • Durable, Anodised Aluminium Rivets
  • Tubular Steel Rails


  • Vulcanised Natural Rubber and Nylon Top.
  • Steel Rails with a reinforced plastic backplate.

Designed for

  • Upright riding position
  • Commuting in the city
  • Travelling the globe
  • E-bike, touring and trekking
  • All weather conditions


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