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Proofide Leather Care

Proofide Leather Care


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Brooks leather saddles are made to last, but require a little bit of maintenance to keep the leather in good shape and looking beautiful! Brooks had developed their own formula of leather conditioner to preserve and protect your saddle form the elements. Proofide will also help with the break-in process as well! 


Care Instructions

We recommend to apply Proofide every 6 months.

How to apply Proofide

- Use a soft cloth
- Apply a thin layer of Proofide to cover the entire upper surface of the leather
- Leave on for a minimum of one hour and allow it to penetrate through the surface
- With a clean, dry and soft cloth, vigorously and thoroughly buff the leather surface until all the remaining Proofide will be removed and a healthy sheen will be returned.

Proofide also acts to soften the leather and, if applied too frequently, there might be risk of over-softening the leather to the point that it will no longer to support the weight of the rider. Because of this, apply Proofide only every 6 months.