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Frame Pack Hydration Bladder

Frame Pack Hydration Bladder

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Description │

The most effective way to carry water in a Full Frame Pack

The Frame Pack Hydration Bladder is a convenient solution for carrying water when you don’t have space for bottle cages in your bike’s main triangle. With a 1.5L capacity, the shaped hydration bladder is easy to fill without needing to be removed from your frame pack and connects to the accessory clip in Backcountry Frame Packs for improved stability.

As the first bikepacking-specific frame bag hydration bladder, it makes efficient use of space, so you don’t need to compromise between carrying water and other essentials. The hydration bladder is compatible with both Apidura's Expedition Full Frame Pack and Backcountry Full Frame Pack and packs of a similar size, with a 1.2m long detachable hose designed to route through the hydration port to your cockpit for easy use while riding.

Features |

  • In Pack Refilling: Wide roll top closure makes refilling while in your pack easy
  • Fill Markings: To quickly see how much water you're carrying
  • Quick Click Hose Connection: For fast and easy hose attachment and removal
  • Secure Roll Top Closure: For easy filling from any water source
  • Stability Strap: Designed to clip into compatible frame packs for added stability
  • Large Bite Valve: For high volume water flow

Materials |

  • The Frame Pack Hydration Bladder (1.5L) has a PVC free construction and is certified safe to EU and FDA standards. The pack includes a detachable 1.2m hose with mouthpiece.

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