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Anchored Coffee

Hey Joe

Hey Joe

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Description |

Your everyday-single-origin coffee. Perfect for all filter brewing styles, this coffee is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Tasting Notes Fudge, Honeysuckle, Clementine
Origin Guatemala
Region Chiquimula
Producer Various Small-Scale Farmers
Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra
Elevation 1250-1600 masl


Overview |

El Zorro is a coffee brand made up of a group of small-scale producers from the department of Chiquimula. Their coffee is called El Zorro honouring the expedition of motorcycles that takes place annually in Guatemala City, going all the way to the “Basilica del Cristo Negro” in Esquipulas. The expedition is called “La Caravana del Zorro” and it is a very popular annual event. The work of the producers responsible for El Zorro started as a result of many cupping sessions that took place in the region. During these sessions the coffees from this area were found to be perfectly balanced, with notes of chocolate and caramel. 

Producer |

Chiquimula derives from the Aztec word “Chiquín”, meaning parrots, and “Molin”, meaning place – so a place for birds! Chiquimula is also known as the Pearl of Orion. The community believes that the name comes from the cotton plantations that can be seen in the region, which look like a pearl, and that the land is rich in minerals and gold. With volcanic soils, lakes, altitude, and continuous rainfall make it an area ideal for producing mild, high-end coffees. It is important to note that the original inhabitants of this department are descended from the Maya Ethnic Ch’orti’ group. 

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