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Zeitgest Pack

Zeitgest Pack

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Description |

The Zeitgeist Pack is a bonafide bicycle handlebar and saddle bag. Swift's design puts 12L of carrying capacity right at the helm of your bicycle, features two clever side-pockets and is designed for best-in-class handling. The Zeitgeist Pack is an excellent choice for gravel adventures, touring, bikepacking, and everyday bicycle commuting. 

NEW! The Zeitgeist EcoPak is made out of recycled polyester and contains roughly 15 plastic bottles rescued from polluted rivers.

Attach the Zeitgeist Pack to your bicycle handlebars using the included Handlebar Bag Foam Spacer Kit, or ditch the foam blocks and mount the bag to the loops on your saddle using the straps that come with the bag. 

An HDPE liner (that you’ll insert when your bag arrives), adds structure to the bag, improving its stability on the bicycle. Compression straps pull the bag close to the bicycle, keeping cargo weight compact and tight.

The Zeitgeist Pack is available in one size, and comes standard with flap daisy chains and D-rings for versatile off-bike carry and extra dangle capacity.

Measurements and Fit |

Without a front rack: When packed to the gills and under-weight, the Zeitgeist Pack plays nice with bikes that have a minimum of 11.5″ from the center of the handlebars to the top of the tire or fender. 

With a front rack: As little as 7.5″ of clearance is required to run the Zeitgeist Pack on either a Velo Orange Randonneur front rack or the rear Carradice Bagman Support.  

Features |

  • Includes a Handlebar Bag Foam Spacer Kit
  • Attachment points for standard saddle tab spacing
  • Wider attachment points for handlebars
  • Collapsible side pockets
  • Under-the-flap compression strap
  • Reflective detailing
  • Webbing daisy-chains on flap

Specs |


  • Measurements: 18″w X 9″h X 7″d
  • Width of the Zeitgeist with pockets folded: 13″
  • Width of the Zeitgeist Pack with side pockets packed out: 19″
  • Capacity: 12 Liters
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs

Built with

  • ECOPAK EPLX400 or X-Pac
  • Packcloth
  • RBC™ 450D
  • HDPE
  • Coverlite™
  • Fastex Buckles
  • Reflective Tape


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