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Snow Peak

Ti Single Wall 450 Coloured Cups

Ti Single Wall 450 Coloured Cups

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The Ti-Single Colored Mug is made of brightly anodized titanium. Designed for everyday use and backcountry excursions, the Ti-Single Mug can be placed directly over a heat source for cooking or warming. The mug features foldable handles for compact storage and is durable enough for a lifetime of use. Please note: the anodized color may fade with time. Pair the Ti-Single Colored Mug with the GigaPower Stove Manual or Titanium Spork.


  • Weight: 70g (2.4oz)
  • Size: D 3.4" H 3.6"
  • Capacity: 15.2 fl oz
  • Material: Titanium
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