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The original ergonomic grip!

Continously refined over the last few years, the GP1 is the worldwide standard in ergonomic function, materials, and quality. Since 2015 the GP1 contains a new internal structure. The three-part internal support platform allows for additional comfort through varying wall thicknesses. Premium features are echoed throughout the model with the use of the purest quality German rubber compounds and forged aluminium clamps.

The ergonomic concept

Numb fingers, painful hands, or forearm discomfort—common problems that many riders experience. Ergon grips solve these issues and correct the root of the problems.

  1. Anti-Slip, Soft Rubber Inserts, Improved Grip.
  2. Aluminum and Composite Clamping System. Suitable for Carbon Fiber bars.
  3. Plastic Internal Skeleton Supports the Wrist, while the Soft-Rubber Ensures Sufficient Damping.
  1. Medical Grade, Durable Rubber Compound, Made in Germany
  2. Optimized Pressure Distribution. Prevents Numbness and Aching.
  3. Smooth Texture Prevents Thumb Friction.