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The Annual Package

The Annual Tune-up is a step above the Essential. This is ideal for someone who rides 4-7 times a week for most of the year. It’s also geared towards the rider who wants to maintain their bike in near new condition. It includes everything from the Essential Tune-up, but adds a more comprehensive cleaning of the bicycle and the bicycle’s drivetrain. The Chain, Cassette, Chainrings, and Derailleurs are removed from the bike and cleaned in our amazing Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner and Lubrifier, nothing truly cleans and lubricates much like an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Starting at $195 + tax*
Full ultrasonic drivetrain clean. We remove your chain, gear cluster, and chain rings which then go through our 3-stage ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, and lubrication process. This is the most precise cleaning method out there, and will help prolong the life of your drivetrain (saving you $$$), and give you the highest performance out of your bike.
Wheels taken off of bicycle
Wheels checked, lightly trued & cleaned
Front & rear hub bearings adjusted
Thorough frame,fork, and wheels wipedown**
Wheels reinstalled on bicycle
Tires inflated to proper pressure
Derailleur hanger alignment checked
Adjust front & rear derailleurs
Adjust front & rear brakes
Adjust headset bearings
Bottom bracket removed, cleaned, and re-greased
Chain lightly desgreased & lubricated
Full bolt torque check
Test ride by mechanic before repair finalized

*Parts & installation labour extra. You will be notified at time of assessment prior to repair completion of any/all additional parts & labour fees. No surprises here!
**We want your bike to be sparkling when you pick it up, but if your bike is brought in dirty and additional time is required to clean it up, this will be reflected in an additional fee. 
***When possible