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Race Ready Tubeless Sealant

Race Ready Tubeless Sealant

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Description |

WPL Race Ready Tubeless Sealant is a nano-technology powered, fully bio-based formula harnessing natural fibrous tissue that seals punctures of sizes varying from 1 micrometer up to 1/2” in size. Nano particles fill pores in the rubber tire preventing air loss over extended periods of time, and larger particles are emulsified in a solution engineered to perform in a very broad temperature range, ensuring a hassle free race run every time.

Features |

  • Contains strictly natural fibres from sustainable sources
  • Fibers vary in size to feel punctures from micormeter up to 1/2” in size
  • Solution is emulsified using bi-based chemicals that are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and eco-friendly
  • Formula has been chemically engineered to perform in mild to extreme conditions in a temperature range of -10°F(-23°C) to 225°F(107.2°C)
  • Nano Particles fill pores in the rubber tires to prevent air loss over extended periods of time

Directions |

If using injector hose, unscrew presto valve core and press hosing over presto valve. Remove seal under dispensing cap, cut off the nob on the end of the cap and insert end of dispensing cap into opposite end of hose and squeeze 4oz (120ml) of sealant into the tire. Re-install valve core and inflate with air If not using hosing, pour sealant directly into tire before beading, then bead and proceed to inflate tire with air. Spin and shake wheel from side to side to ensure good spread of sealant around inside of tire.

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