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Tubeless Rim Tape

Tubeless Rim Tape

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Stan's Tubeless Rim Tape creates a durable, airtight seal over spoke holes. The completely non-porous vapor barrier seals rim interior from moisture and the natural gum rubber adhesive sticks where and when you want it to but leaves no residue. A low friction surface helps tire beads slip into place.

Stan's Yellow Tape is designed to work with tubeless-ready rims and wheels. If you'll be inflating your tires to 45psi or less, one layer of yellow tape in the bed of your rim is all you need for most rims. For road tubeless and similar tires that require more than 45psi of pressure, a double wrap of tape is required.

Specs |

Size Internal Rim Width
21mm 19-21mm
25mm 23-25mm
27mm 25-27mm
30mm 28-30mm
33mm 31-33mm
36mm 34-36mm
39mm 37-39mm
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