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Seal Smart Tubeless Tire Sealant

Seal Smart Tubeless Tire Sealant

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Description |

Panaracer SealSmart is the culmination of over two years of development and testing to create a unique sealant free from harmful chemicals and smells that lasts longer inside the tire without clumping and seals punctures up to 4mm within seconds. Made with proprietary materials and natural latex and walnut shells (yes, walnut shells!) that all work together to insure a fast seal, less spray, and more time in the saddle! SealSmart is absolutely the fastest sealing sealant on the market today.

Features |

  • Tubeless tire sealant developed with a natural latex base and ground walnut shells
  • Low allergen: made from natural ingredients
  • Quickly and efficiently seals 6 mm holes
  • 500 ml bottle - Road: about 8-15 tires, MTB:about 4-10 tires
  • 120 ml bottle - Road: about 2-4 tires, MTB:about 1-2 tires
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