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Fillmore Tubeless Valves

Fillmore Tubeless Valves

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Description |

Reserve has rewritten the future of tubeless systems with the introduction of the all-new Fillmore valve, a completely new take on tubeless valve designs. The patented Fillmore valve represents a game-changing leap forward in technology, with a high-flow design that eases tubeless set up and eliminates the traditional, delicate, clog-inciting valve core of yesteryear. Add a little style with the Fillmore Cap Kit.

Features |

  • High Flow: 3X air flow makes seating tires a snap
  • No Clog: Eliminates clogging and busts through dry sealant
  • Micro-Adjust: Airs down to the perfectly dialed tire pressure
  • Direct-Inject: Coreless design for no-fuss injection of sealant

Compatibility |

  • 50mm Fillmore Valve - fits Rim Depths between 18mm to 28mm
  • 70mm Fillmore Valve - fits Rim Depths between 30mm to 48mm
  • 90mm Fillmore Valve - fits Rim Depths between 48mm to 68mm

Installation |

Installing Fillmore Valves is just as easy as installing Presta or Schrader valves on your wheels.

  1. Remove your tire from your tubeless rim, dispose of sealant and wipe rim clean.
  2. Unscrew and remove existing valve.
  3. Unscrew Fillmore valve cap completely and remove nut from existing valve.
  4. Push Fillmore valve through valve opening in rim.
  5. Thread valve compression nut onto body of Fillmore valve.
  6. Pour sealant into tire before mounting tire on rim and then mount tire on rim.
  7. Attach pump and inflate tire to manufacturer specification.
  8. Screw Fillmore valve cap over valve end and secure.
  9. Go ride.
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