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Space Cowboy 45F/7C

Space Cowboy 45F/7C

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Description |

Warm weather sleeping bag with water-resistant eraLoft™ insulation for durable and lightweight performance at a great value.

The Space Cowboy sleeping bag welcomes the idea of sleeping out under the stars with the worry-free warmth of synthetic eraLoft™ insulation. Its hollow fibers allow it to retain warmth even when wet—shrugging off morning dew and drying out super fast. Weighing less than two pounds and with a comfort rating of 45F/7C, you’ll be plenty warm all summer, whether you’re road tripping or heading deep into the backcountry. Shell and liner are made of a light and soft, GRS-certified 100% recycled nylon and an anti-snag YKK® zipper keeps them free of accidental tears. For optimal efficiency SynergyLink™ Connectors mate the bag to your sleeping pad, preventing drafts and cold spots. The precision-tuned fit makes sure you have the space you need, while eliminating unnecessary drafts and weight.

Features |

  • Recycled Shell & Liner: GRS-certified 100% recycled fabrics are eco-friendly while being lightweight, soft and durable; anti-snag YKK zipper ensures easy entries and exits and prevents tears.
  • eraLoft™ Insulation: Efficient and compressible, our proprietary synthetic insulation uses hollow fibers to trap air and boost warmth without added weight; dries fast and retains loft and warmth even when wet.
  • SynergyLink™ Connectors: Ultralight straps create a secure bag-to-sleeping pad connection that optimizes the comfort and thermal efficiency of your entire sleep system.
  • YKK® Anti-Snag Zipper: Prevents accidental tears and eases entries and exits.
  • Heat-Mapped Zoned Insulation: Delivers an elite warmth-to-weight ratio by allocating insulation to where you need it and reducing it where you don’t.
  • Combo stuff and storage sack included.

Specs |

  Small Regular Long
Weight 1 lbs 10 oz 1 lbs 12 oz 1 lbs 14 oz
Width 28.5 in 31 in 32.5 in
Length 73 in 80 in 85 in
Height 3.5 in 3.5 in 3.5 in
Fits 66 in 72 in 78 in
Shoulder Girth 57 in 62 in 65 in
Hip Girth 56 in 57 in 58 in
Foot Box Girth 44 in 46 in 51 in
Packed Dimension 8 x 10 in 8 x 10 in 8 x 10 in
EN Comfort (C/F) 11C/52F 11/52F 11/52
EN Limit (C/F) 7C/45F 7C/45F 7C/45F
EN Extreme (C/F) -6C/21F -6C/21F -6C/21F
Fill Material eraLoft Polyester Hollow Fiber eraLoft Polyester Hollow Fiber eraLoft Polyester Hollow Fiber
Shell Fabric 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop w/ DWR 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop w/ DWR 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop w/ DWR
Lining Fabric 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop
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