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Ranger 26"

Ranger 26"

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Description |

Looking for a set-it-and-forget-it plus tire? Meet the Ranger 26 x 2.8. Tightly spaced centre knobs set the pace while open outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease. Completing the package, multi-directional knob siping ensures the Ranger will grab hold through technical climbs and high-speed corners. Its high-volume casing increases rider confidence as it conforms to the trail and increases traction. Ranger 2.8/3.0 is trail ready and bikepacking approved.

Please note: This is a special dead stock size no longer in WTB production.  

Features |

Small Knobs, Big Volume

The high-volume tread of the Ranger 2.8/3.0 is covered in small, short knobs to deliver the traction of knobbier tires, but without the increased rolling resistance that accompanies chunkier knobs. This makes the Ranger 2.8/3.0 an excellent tire choice for trail riding or bikepacking.

Multi-Directional Siping

Knob siping in a variety of directions provides improved traction whether you're pedaling, braking or cornering. Siping also improves traction on wet rocks and roots by increasing the amount of working edges on each knob contacting the trail.

Mud-Shedding Design

Substantial spacing between knobs allows room for mud to fling from the tire rather than clinging on to the thread. Open spacing allows the knobs to always be in contact with the trail rather than being covered with sticky mud.

Specs |

Type TCS Light/Fast Rolling
Weight 783g
Tubeless Compatibility Yes
TPI 60tpi
Bead Folding


A few notes:

Please note, these measure around 66-68mm from knob to knob, and will therefore not fit in your average retro mtb frame.

They are however great for running up front if you’ve got a Barnacle fork, or grab a pair if you own a Crust Evasion, Surly 1×1, Lowside, Instigator or something else with massive 26″ clearance.

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