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Large Fabio's Chest Waxed Cordura

Large Fabio's Chest Waxed Cordura

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Description |

A heritage fabric with modern technical attributes, this material looks like classic waxed canvas with a slightly courser weave.  Advantages over waxed cotton canvas would be greater water repellency, rot and fungal resistance.  They say it is rot and fungal proof... but maybe they don’t know about bike touring “micro climates” lol.  

  • works great for front and rear use, just be sure to use a dowel or a found stick with the voile nano 6” straps when attaching in the rear to your brooks saddle loops 
  • roll top design for expandable load capacity.

  • works RACK LESS if you’ve got a big enough head tube, or with the simple, inexpensive pec dec we sell to “pump up yer chest”.  

  • minimum drop handlebar width is 48mm c-c for the small, 66mm for the large

Features |

  • new mounting system that will work on more handlebars with more mounting options.  -The side pockets are shorter than our old small in order to give riders with narrower drop bars more room between the bag/chest/thing and their hands on the hoods. Larges have the same huge pockets as before.

  • quick magnetic bag closure for use in basket mode (roll top folded down inside bag) so that you can now open and close bag with one hand while riding. 

  • same split back adjustable Connecticut made nylon buckle closure for when you need to expand the bag for touring and large grocery loads. 

  • loops for attaching shoulder strap when using off the bike.

  • larges have a fun webbing handle in the middle for off the bike use

  • bright yellow drop liner with inside organizer pocket for better weather protection and so you can better see your chocolate bars inside. 

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