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Bedrock X Ron's Ultra Tulip Special X11 Small Chest

Bedrock X Ron's Ultra Tulip Special X11 Small Chest

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Description |

Here is the super fun Ron's Bikes collaboration with Bedrock Sandals -- you know, those sandals that you and/or your friends have bloodied their toes in while riding, but you like riding in them so much that you don't really care about the bloody part.  they are that good!  Well after nearly a decade of tooting each other's horns, they felt it was time to make matching bags and sandals to complete their outfits.

In several shades of brown tone, we have here a small Fabio's Chest in the X11 cotton faced laminate Connecticut made Xpac fabric with a special ripstop tan tulip lining and "ultra tulip" webbing that matches the sandals we designed with Bedrock.  These are a limited run.  We hope you enjoy LaRon head to toe!

The Story |

From Ron's:

Last winter during peak hide your toes weather Bedrock reached out about a summer collaboration project that had us instantly dreaming of sandal season.  If you haven’t noticed, it is now peak let your toes out season, and in a rare successfully actuated timeline, we have this sumptuous pairing of sandal and bag to tantalize both your bicycle and feet.   The nucleus of this collaboration consist of the “ultra tulip” print straps that Bedrock have incorporated into their PRO and GEO cairns sandals, and that we’ve (Ron's Bikes) used as webbing on a (take a deep breath) special edition brown and tan cotton faced X11 x-pac small Fab’s Chest handlebar/saddle bag.  

I have been a Bedrock evangelical since their early days nearly a decade ago, and have found them to be the most comfortable, best performing, lightest, and best looking (for a sandal) footwear out there.  On that January day last winter, we thought how could we make them better?? The answer was clear — ad some Ron's Bikes tulips!  After passing strap ideas and colors back and forth a few times with the Bedrock bunch, we settled on several shades of brown, and this cool tulip pattern that looks like camo from afar, and flower power up close.  A muscular hippie — the archetype of both our brands.    

The next step was matching the webbing and incorporating it into a limited run of 50 of our best selling bag, the small Fab’s Chest.  Using Connecticut made cotton faced x-pac laminate in brown and tan, we made the body and pockets of the bag and used the 1” tulip webbing to contrast on the main extendable flap.  The inside of the bag is lined with a special brown and tan tulip pattern.  These bags are a fashion and function forward addition to nearly any bike, and will last you a lifetime of travel and grocery runs.  

Due to the sandals being made in California, and the Bags being made here in Connecticut, each will be available and shipping from our respective websites and shipping locations.  Thanks and hope you like brown! 


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