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Bagman Standard

Bagman Standard

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Description |

This UK-made bag support system is a must for cyclists with larger saddle bags like those made by Carradice, Swift Industries & Road Runner. When filled to capacity, it offers superior stabilization. The stainless steel loop helps reduce the sway and bouncing of the bag so you can enjoy the ride! The Standard version just stabilizes the bag, and attaches to the saddle rails.

Looking for the Quick Release? Find it here!

Features |

  • Original Steel Bagman support frame for bags such as Swift Industries Zeitgeist and Road Runner Jammer bags when mounting on your saddle
  • Attaches to most saddles (not compatible with sprung saddles)
  • Supports the bag from below
  • Holds bag vertically and reduces swing
  • Max load weight: 10kg/22pds
  • For heavy XL loads, use the Carradice Bagman Support Strutts and Seat Collar.

Specs |

Available in two sizes:

  • Sport is made for smaller bags, but if you've got a big bag and not much room from the saddle to the wheel, it'll work too. Clearance from rails to wheel 18cm
  • Expedition is for the larger bags: Nelson, Pendle and Camper. Clearance from rails to wheel 21cm
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