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Bagman QR

Bagman QR

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Description |

The Bagman Quick-Release Expedition saddlebag support racks have an alloy metal loop that extends from the rails of the saddle to support your saddle mounted bags. A quick-release feature allows you to clip and unclip your baggage without the hassle of fiddling with straps. Squeeze the levers to release the bag from its mount.

Features |

  • Original Steel Bagman support frame for bags such as Swift Industries Zeitgeist and Road Runner Jammer bags when mounting on your saddle
  • Attaches to most saddles (not compatible with sprung saddles)
  • Supports the bag from below
  • Holds bag vertically and reduces swing
  • Max load weight: 10kg/22pds
  • For heavy XL loads, use the Carradice Bagman Support Strutts and Seat Collar.

Specs |

Available in two sizes: 

Expedition: Clearance required from rear wheel to support is 21cm

Sport: Clearance required from rear wheel to support is 18cm

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