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Zeitgest Saddle Bag
Zeitgest Saddle Bag
Zeitgest Saddle Bag
Zeitgest Saddle Bag

Zeitgest Saddle Bag


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The Zeitgeist Saddle Bag is a fresh take on the classic British touring saddlebag. Modern materials make this bag lightweight and give it that Swift Industries pop! Take advantage of the space under your saddle with a bag that is optimal for packing overnight supplies. The Zeitgeist Saddle bag attaches to the strap loops built-in on some saddles, or can be cradled by a support rack designed exactly for this bag. 



  • Large
  • Measurements: 16″w X 8″h X 6.5″d
  • Capacity: 11 L per bag
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs


  • Coyote 1000DCordura™
  • Durable liner

Cool Features:

  • Internal dowel keeps bag rigid
  • Three leather attachment straps
  • Attachment strap spacing for Brooks™ saddles and the like
  • Two side pockets
  • Telescoping neck holds stuff in place when you open the bag
  • Main closure straps feed back on themselves so you don’t have any danglers

Pro Tips:

Always included on our stock bags:

  • Expedition Upgrade
  • Dee Rings and Shoulder Strap