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XC Set

XC Set


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These are not just tire inserts, but tire suspension. Add a damper to the air spring that is your tire!

• 50% less force on big hits, best-in-class rim/tire protection and impact absorption
• 16% less suspension travel used for the same impacts, absorb force before it even gets to your suspension
• 12% less G-force on the handlebars, ride longer and more in-control
• 35% increased sidewall stiffness, prevents tire burps and improves ride quality
• 25% less lateral tire deflection, no awkward tire roll in corners and hold lines better
• 3.2% less rolling resistance than tubeless
• Run-flat capability
• Includes CushCore tubeless valves
• Tire Widths: 1.8?-2.4+?
• Inner Rim Width: 22mm-32mm
• Weights: 27.5” – 140g, 29” – 150g