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Terrapin Seat Bag 14L (Updated 2021 Version)
Terrapin Seat Bag 14L (Updated 2021 Version)
Terrapin Seat Bag 14L (Updated 2021 Version)
Terrapin Seat Bag 14L (Updated 2021 Version)

Terrapin Seat Bag 14L (Updated 2021 Version)


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Small updates for Spring 2021  - Rear closure is now all side release buckles and a few other minor tweaks!

The 14L Terrapin® System is a modular, waterproof seat pack with a removable drybag allowing for easy off the bike packing. In its third generation, the bag improves on stability, ease of use, and durability.

Adopting features from our award-winning 8L Terrapin System, the 4L Terrapin System features Revelate's exclusive Indie-Rail attachment system. A progression from conventional bikepacking bag mounts where the rail straps are fixed to the top center of the bag, with Indie-Rail each saddle rail is cinched down hard to the sides of the bag. This feature virtually eliminates side to side bag sway without the need for external hardware. This is combined with a rigid internal structure and active cam buckles to prevent straps from slipping on rough terrain.

New features include an external plastic bottom sheet which protects the bottom of the bag kicked up debris like a fender. Stiffened on all sides, a composite internal top sheet provides a solid and stable platform for the strap points and transmits the vertical load to the seatpost connection. An external webbing and loop system houses a bungee and provide additional easy access external storage.

  • Indie-Rail attachment system and active cam hardware provide a super stable mount without added hardware
  • Radio frequency welded drybag with air purge valve
  • Protective external plastic bottom frame sheet
  • Aluminum hardware at high-stress points
  • Composite internal top frame sheet
  • X-Pac panels that are two times as abrasion resistant as standard VX material
  • Foam-stiffened side panels with fiberglass compression stays
  • External webbing and bungee for additional storage
  • Carbon seatpost friendly
  • Compatible with Thudbuster with use of Thudbuster extension